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Or as we call it Culitainment.

Beginning in 2009, Kitchen Inc. reinvented the notion of event cuisine by developing the industry trend of “food as design”.  

Kitchen Inc. Parties became  first full service caterer in the Netherlands that put as much emphasis on the quality of the food as the presentation of the food. 

We know our clients start by visually taking in the experience and then biting in.


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The beauty of designing a culinary event

Thanks to years of experience and culinary know-how, we can advise you from your first amuse-bouche to the last friandises. Our house sommelier is happy to help you find beautiful matching wines.

Walking dinner, private dining, cooking workshops or live cooking,

we take care of it all!

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The heat in the kitchen has nothing to do with the temperature of the stove,
It is  the passion of the chef's who are on fire.

Want to meet the chef who said this? click here!

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Food & drinks

Organic, fresh,

Our chefs work with fresh ingredients, taking into account the environment and animal welfare, we do not make any concessions in quality!


We are happy to make a tailor-made proposal for those who want to enjoy culinary delights. Unique dishes that together form a complete dinner, in which we take the seasons into account.

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