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Luxurious and fully catered dinners & lunches of a high standard.
We are proud that Kitchen Inc. has a team of professional chefs who have worked in the most renowned restaurants at home and abroad.
Our chefs work with fresh ingredients, taking into account the environment and animal welfare, we do not make any concessions in quality!
We are happy to make a tailor-made proposal for those who want to enjoy culinary delights. Unique dishes that together form a complete dinner, in which we take the seasons into account.

Walking dinner, private dining, cooking workshops or live cooking, we take care of it all!

Kitchen Inc. has been providing unique cooking workshops for groups for years with great success. These cooking workshops are given by a team of professionals.
During these cooking workshops you and your team prepare a complete dinner.

In these cooking workshops, different kitchen techniques are taught, such as filleting fish, boning meat and sugar pulling or sugar blowing. The most important ingredient during these workshops is conviviality.

Tailor made
We can fully adapt the cooking clinic to your wishes. This allows us to provide dishes that match the company's image and identity. We can use specific products that suit you and place your logo in a banner in the background of the video.​This is a great place to tell users a story about your website and let them know more about what you offer. You may want to share information about your company's background, your team, or the services you provide. Be sure to keep the tone and voice consistent throughout the site so users become familiar with your brand.

Want to do it Covid Proof?

With the CuliBag you can cook a magnificent dish for two people at home, whenever it suits you. Chef Marc Rewinkel and team take you step by step in an online video through which every amateur will prepare a meal that will not look out of place in a top restaurant. Share your creations online and see what your colleagues are baking… and roasting! The coronaproof alternative for a staff outing or (Christmas) drink.How do you organize your staff outing or Christmas drink at the time of corona? These times demand a lot from you and your employees and it is especially nice to be able to thank your staff in an original and inspiring way. The CuliBag offers the solution!
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Kitchen Inc.

Kitchen Inc.



Oishii Bun Classic

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For the best Bun in the Galaxy

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For your Culinary Entertainment

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For offsite meetings and private gatherings. 

About Kitchen Inc.

For over 10 years, Kitchen Inc. your partner in business events from closing dinner to multi-day event for your staff.​ Through an enormous amount of culinary baggage from home and abroad from renowned restaurants, the team of Kitchen Inc. brings culitainment at the highest level.
With our team we have been distinguishing ourselves from the standard for years and that is something we are extremely proud of
If you are looking for a standard event, we recommend that you click away and continue to google.
If you are looking for that unique event, we would be happy to make a proposal for you!
With culinary regards,
The team at Kitchen Inc.

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