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Our wine program


The world is awash in quality wine often at very reasonable prices. But at Kitchen Inc. we seek wines that have an added dimension, wines that are original, unusual, off the beaten path, or an artistic achievement. 

As a former sommelier on board the HMS Queen Mary 2 our chef has a specific view on wines and especially food wine pairing.


We think the usual litany of fruit and vegetable flavor notes, scores, and “shelf-talkers” tell us little about what is in the bottle. Structure, evolution, texture, finesse, dimension, personality, definition, and sense of purpose are more important. Such wines are not necessarily expensive. They may sometimes be edgy, reticent, or hard to understand. They may even be rustic and unrefined. Above all, they must be intriguing and provoke curiosity.

That is why we only work with the best suppliers of extreme nice quality wines.


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